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Solid Homme, symbol design for menswear label, 2018.
Arashi Yanagawa,
Japanese womens and menswear label, 2018.
Raven & Wood, design and research agency, 2018.
Terinit, Finnish menswear label, 2019.
Ion, French womens and menswear label, 2019.
Rolf Ekroth, Finnish menswear label, 2019.
Katriina Nuutinen, 
Finnish glass artist and interior designer, 2018.
Home & Images Productions, French production company, 2017.
Agence M&K, French fashion and lifestyle consultancy, 2017.
Rfrsh, Danish e-sport media company, 2017.
Unx, French womenswear label, 2016.
Artist and Walls, Swedish online company selling limited edition prints by female artist, 2016.
Poiat, Helsinki based design studio, 2016.
Turo, Finnish menswear label, 2015.
Checkpoint Helsinki, contemporary art organization, 2015.
Sti, Finnish womenswear label, 2016.
Muveil, Japanese womenswear label, 2015.
Achilles Ion Gabriel makes the most beautiful shoes, 2013.
MW, Japanese womenswear label, 2015.
MW symbol, Japanese womenswear label, 2015.
Flowerness, Parisian online flower boutique, 2015.
Finnish Art Agency, Helsinki based art organisation, 2013.
Sukima Project, Japanese production/management studio, 2011.
Aesa, extraordinary jewelry handmade in New York City, 2009.
Hackaoui, French social network devoted to fashion, 2016.
Dossier, cross-cultural magazine based in New York and Paris, 2008.
Alexandre Mareuil, French brand for luxury leather goods, 2013.
Instituutti, Finnish culture institute in Paris, 2013.
R/H, Finnish womenswear label, 2010.
Ourquby, Paris based jewelry brand, 2015.
Trendi, Finnish fashion magazine, 2014.
Lily, Finnish lifestyle community online, 2011.
Ute Ploier, Austrian womenswear label, 2008.
Charles Anastase, London based womenswear label, 2006.
Nicolas Andreas Taralis, French womens and menswear label, 2008.

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